ISEN OUEST  A ‘Grande Ecole’ Engineering School

ISEN Ouest is officially recognized by the French state as a ‘Grande Ecole’ Engineering School specialized in Digital Technologies. We are a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

Our 5-year degree is accredited by the CTI (Commission des titres d’ingénieur). This is the official body in France which evaluates higher education institutions and authorizes them to award the national engineering degree “titre d’ingénieur diplômé”. We also hold the EUR-ACE European quality label for engineering degrees and have an Erasmus+ Charter. 


What is a ‘Grande Ecole’?

In France, the higher education system in science and technology is made up of two types of institutions, the universities and the Grandes Ecoles d’ingénieurs.

With a small student staff-ratio, a close relationship with industry and a special emphasis on industrial placements, the Grandes Ecoles d’Ingénieurs also recruit their students via a selective entrance examination. Students prepare for this examination during two years of intensive training in special post high-school institutions called ‘Classes Préparatoires’ or Prépa. If successful, they then spend 3 years in a ‘Grande Ecole’ and graduate with a Master’s degree in Engineering.

The ISEN Grande Ecole Programme

At ISEN the ‘Classes préparatoires’ are an integral part of our 5-year programme. Successful candidates take the ISEN entrance exam in their final year at high school and are then admitted to our in-house Prépa course.  This means students usually remain at ISEN for 5 years. This gives them time to develop and adjust their personal academic interests and career project. They are known on an individual basis by their teachers and benefit from a highly personalized support and advice system.

For an overview of the ISEN OUEST Grande Ecole Programme and our course specializations see here