The Transnum Research Chair


Transnum stands for ‘Transformation numérique pour l’observation,  la surveillance et la sécurité   du   milieu   marin’,  which  means  ‘Digital  transformation  for  observation, surveillance and security in the marine environment’. As this title suggests, the Transnum Chair is therefore focused principally on underwater robotics. The Chair aims to develop new autonomous systems for observation and surveillance in the marine environment. It was established by Thales with Yncréa Ouest and ENSTA Bretagne Engineering School.


The scientific approach of the Chair is to develop collective intelligence about autonomous naval vehicles by means of operational research (optimisation of the operational dimensions of armed forces, mission schedules and the positioning of sensors for various missions). With this approach, the intention is for L@bISEN – Yncréa Ouest and ENSTA Bretagne to build up a range of complementary skills within their respective institutions in underwater imaging and communications, as well as in naval robotics.


The Chair already has two doctoral students, and a team of four engineering students currently working on their final year projects is in the process of being recruited. The Chair also aims to provide teaching that will train the new generation of engineers in fields of interest for the Thalès group.


ENSTA Bretagne


ISEN Ouest