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Post-doctoral position on Data Sciences applied to physics

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ISEN Yncréa Ouest

Post-doctoral position (24 months) on Data Sciences applied to physics

Yncréa Ouest/ISEN is a French major engineering school, specialized in digital sectors, recognized by the Ministry of Education and accredited by the CTI (the French national engineering qualification board). The mission of our dedicated teaching and administrative team is to provide students with a 5-year general engineering qualification, specializing in digital technologies.
Based in Brest, Nantes, Caen and Rennes, our 4 campuses offer engineering programs in embedded electronics, Internet of Things, mobile robotics, artificial intelligence, business engineering, bio technologies, energy and sustainable development. Our school has experienced/registered a strong growth for a few years.
With more than 40 members, our research laboratory L@bISEN focuses on smart and autonomous systems (information processing and decision, sensors network, energy). Our laboratory is most dynamic, with publications in top-ranked journals.
In this context, we are recruiting a postdoctoral fellow for 24 months in Brest in the field of Data Sciences.

Subject :

The work consists in acquiring and analyzing hyperspectral and polarimetric images of the objects of interest. The acquisition of data constitutes the basis of the post-doctorate duties.
The analysis constitutes the originality of this post-doctorate, a two-step approach will be considered. A first step will be dedicated to the development of an Artificial Intelligence method (Machine Learning, Deep Learning) for image processing to obtain preliminary characterizations of objects. AI can give good results without really understanding why, such as black boxes. Which is a real problem for many sectors (e.g. medical sector where intelligibility of the diagnosis is required). The second step will then be dedicated to the development of intelligible physical modeling.
At the end of these two steps, we should better understand the very complex nature of hyperspectral and polarimetric images.

Duties :

Delivering explained data science models. This includes data preparation, data visualization, exploratory analysis and software development related to data science.

Application and deadlines :

The post-doctoral position may be converted into a full-time research/teaching position in our institution at the end of the contract.

Contacts :

Marwa Elbouz, professor/researcher in signal/image processing, head of LSL team

Josselin Aval,, professor/researcher in signal/image processing


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