Who can come to ISEN as an exchange student?

To come to ISEN Yncréa Ouest as an exchange student you must be nominated by one of our partner universities.
Exchange students do not apply via the French national and international admissions platforms (Etudes en France or ParcoursSup).

Check with the International Office at your home institution to see whether there is an agreement with ISEN and whether you are eligible to go on an exchange. Your home university will inform you of its procedure for selecting and nominating exchange students and will specify its particular academic and foreign language requirements. Your international coordinator will also tell you which subjects you can study during your exchange period at ISEN. 

Once ISEN has received the list of officially nominated students from your home university, you will be contacted by email and given access to our online enrolment form.

It is not essential to speak French in order to be admitted to ISEN as an exchange student. However, students who wish to study courses taught in English at ISEN must provide proof of sufficient proficiency in English. A minimum B2 level is required. French speakers who wish to take classes taught in French must also demonstrate that they have at least a B2 level. 

One semester exchange

ISEN Yncréa Ouest offers one-semester exchange periods at both Bachelor and Master levels :

  • Bachelor level : 2nd Year International Track
    • Autumn semester : September-December 
    • Spring semester February-June)
  • Master’s level : Master 2 Specialisations  (Energy, Marine Technologies, Computer  Science and IoT)
    • Autumn semester : September -December.


Semester exchange students do not qualify for the ISEN Engineering degree. Subject to timetable constraints, they can choose any of the classes available during their chosen study period. However, please note that exchange students are responsible for ensuring that their study programme meets the academic requirements of their home university. 

Full-time students at ISEN study a semester programme worth 30 ECTS credits. Semester exchange students may study courses up to a maximum of 30 ECTS. A smaller course load can be accepted by ISEN, but this must be authorised by the exchange student’s home university.

See courses available for Exchange Students : lien vers Courses available for Exchange students page

Application process for Exchange Students : lien vers page Application process &required documents



Courses available in English for Exchange Students

Incoming exchange students can study with ISEN students at Bachelor or Master level. A range of scientific , business and intercultural awareness classes are taught in English. French language classes are also available.

  • Courses for Exchange Students : Master level (Autumn Semester 2021)
  • Courses for Exchange Students : Master level (Spring Semester 2022)
  • Courses for Exchange Students : Year 2 Bachelor International Track (Spring Semester 2022)
  • Courses for Exchange Students : Year 2 Bachelor International Track (Autumn Semester 2022)



Application process & required documents

All exchange students are officially nominated by their home university international coordinator. Nominated students will receive an email including a link to our online enrolment form. 

During the online application process you will be required to upload the following documents :

  • Home university Transcripts (English version, showing ECTS credits)
  • A valid B2 level English language test certificate : TOEIC (min. 785), TOEFL-IBT (min . 72) or equivalent test (Cambridge, Duolingo)
  • A valid B2 level French language certificate (required to study scientific classes in French only)
  • The identity page of your passport or national identity card (for EU citizens)

When your application has been processed and accepted, you will receive a registration certificate. Before you arrive at ISEN, you will also be required to upload the following documents :

  • A passport-sized ID photo
  • Copy of your European Health Insurance card (EHIC, for EU citizens only)
  • Proof of health insurance (for non EU citizens only) 


For key dates and application deadlines , click here.